The greatest site in all the land!

Saturday and Sunday


We got to camp, it is nothing short of a large family reunion.  People I had not seen since last year, and some new faces also.

I met Darlene, a friend of Doug and Lori’s that had come to the ride for the first time.  She has an LP son, Dandy, that she had brought to the ride.  In talking to her she reminded me of myself on last years ride.  She had lost a daughter of a pulmonary embolism.  It has been really hard on her.  I told her my story about loosing my husband and how healing this ride had been to me 1 year ago.  I hope the same for her on this year.

Janie, our driver got to camp in the early afternoon.  It is her 25th year taking part in the ride. She set up her living area in the horse compartment of the trailer.

We all went for a ride.  There is a trailhead here that goes to a lake 7 miles away.  We took the trail several miles, then got into the backfire area and rode to the top of a ridge.  From there you looked down on camp, over the valley. What a site it was.  Surrounded by mountains and one that looked like a mini Matterhorn.

Saturday evening is traditionally a dutch oven cook and pot luck.  I had decided that I was going to try the dutch oven cook.  I had purchased an oven before leaving home, and found a recipe for a desert in a magazine.  I had a great time watching everyone put something together to cook, and the process of cooking it with coals on the top and bottom of the oven.  It was a lot of fun.


Janie and Darlene had to get their trucks to the termination camp.  They all caravan out and then a bus brings them back.  This took them 6 hours to do.

As camp grows with people still arriving I remember how camp becomes a 1 ton truck convention.  There is much talk about the roads that everyone had to take to get here.  All good roads, but mountains and how loaded down everyone was getting here.

My good friends from the St. Louis area, Sandy and Ron finally arrive.  Sandy has leased Visa for the week and this will be her first “Jo” ride.  Sandy and Ron rented a travel trailer to live in and he will drive from one camp to the next.  We quickly figured out that their truck would be a great place to put Darleen’s belongings and some of our hay that got handed out today.

Lori is on the ApHC board of directors, so was helping check in people all day.  Once Sandy got there everyone but Lori, who was still working, went for a ride.  Sandy wanted to ride Visa before the ride started on Monday morning.  We did the same ride as we did the day before, and then went on up the trail more.  A lot of this area is part of the backfire so we were always navigating between downed timbers.

Sunday evening is our first meal that is provided by the ride, and then our orientation takes place.  We receive all our instruction and are introduced to the ride scouts and staff.  Most of the staff and scouts are the same from year to year, as this ride is rather addictive.  This year one of the new scouts is Lucy.  I remember Lucy and her sister Kat from last year.  They are beautiful Nez Perce young ladies that started coming to the ride when they were 12 years old.  This year Lucy is old enough to be a scout.

We sorted out our game plan for the morning and decided that we were as ready to start this adventure as we were going to be.  Everyone was excited to get going in the morning.


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