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A Day Off


Today was a catch up day.  Lori and I went to Cook City to do laundry.  The horses needed a day off and this was the perfect place.  The pens were in the shade and very nice.

When we were in Cooke City I could see where a forest fire had almost burned the town down.  It had come down a hill and stopped short of the town by feet.  I asked a local person the story.  Turns out that in 1988 when Yellowstone was burning, a backfire was lit to try and stop it.  The backfire got out of control also and the fire damage I was asking about was caused by the backfire.

We found a campground down the road where we could fill up our water barrel.  We made several trips to get the trailer tanks filled, so we would be full when we started the ride.

Doug took a trip down the road to find the assimilation camp, as we had to drive by it yesterday and missed it.  He found it, we were several miles away and it was actually an old gravel pit.  He said it was not very pretty, but it would do the job.

We had intended to go to a car wash at this point in our trip and clean out the horse compartment of the trailer. During the next week we will have a driver, Janie, who moves our rig every day and sets up camp for us while we ride to that nights camp. She moves into the horse compartment.  To our surprise, Cook City has no car wash, so we are on our own getting it clean.  What bedding we had left was not worth saving so it went into the horse pens and the trailer got swept out really good.  It actually looks good, so we are hoping this will work.

Later in the afternoon Lori and I went to Cook City again.  There was one pay phone in town.  I actually thought those things were extinct, but I guess they are only an endangered species right now.  We made our calls then headed home.  Right there in the street was a horse trailer parked with an Appaloosa in it.  We parked quickly and went to see who it was, as it had to be someone headed for the ride.  Sure enough it was Bob Peterson from southern Arizona.  He was looking for a place to stay, so Lori and I brought him home.

Some time ago Doug had declared no more dogs or cats being brought home, but he did not say anything about another horse or a man, so Lori was in the clear.

Bob was a lot of fun.  He had been on the road 3 days and just today in the mountains he declared that he must have shifted the truck at least 1000 times.

We fixed dinner told stories and were eager to head to the camp tomorrow.


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