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On The Move


So much has happened today I hardly know where to begin.  I woke up during the night to Lori and Doug standing at the door.  I asked what was going on and someone said then heard a bump in the night.  Something had hit the trailer, but it did not shake it.  After outside investigation everything and all the horses were fine.  Still don’t know what it was, and I was so dead to the world I did not even here it.

Before we all got back to sleep it started to rain.  I had left my pommel bag out side so it had to be retrieved.  I was worried about the sheets on the horses getting wet and the horses getting cold.  Lori was still worried about the Bump in the night and Doug was worried about how we were going to get out of Camp Heaven in the morning.  Boy, were we a worry team or what!

We got up early to find our yard full of black tail deer.  The first group was 2 young bucks and a doe.  They were eating grass and picking up some of the grain that the horses had left from the night before.  The next group was 3 young bucks and a doe.  They drank water out of our water tub.  All the bucks had velvet on their antlers and they have a pecking order in the herd, just like horses do.   We watch one buck keep a younger buck in line.

We saddled everyone but Tammie Fae as she was not going on our ride today.  We planned to ride a ridge above timberline that we had picked out on our way in.

First we had to get the trailer out of Camp Haven and leave all the underside of the trailer intact.  We left the horses on the highline and got the trailer out in one piece.  As we were driving down the road we saw another moose out in a bog eating away.

First stop was to the Medicine Wheel.  It was right across the valley floor from Camp Haven.  The road up to the Medicine Wheel is gravel and is built into the side of the hill.  Thankfully the new dodge truck did a great job getting us up to the parking lot, which was 1000 feet higher than we started the day at.  The Medicine Wheel was very interesting.  I can see why the Native people used it as a place to meditate. Look one way and you see the Yellowstone Plateau, look the other way and see the Big Horn Mountains.  The Forest Service guide also told us where some teepee rings were at.   Lori and I found them.  These were places where the Indians built their teepees.  They would hold the skins of the walls down on the ground with rocks.  When they moved, they left the rocks for the next time someone else came through the area.

From the Medicine Wheel we headed to the ridge that we wanted to ride.  It was a pull off at the top of a hill.  When we got there the gate was locked and we could not find a safe way to get through the guardrails.  We were disappointed but moved on.

We headed towards Graybull WY.  Doug and Lori have relatives there and they wanted to go through there.  To get there we drove through Shell Canyon.  What scenery just was so beautiful to see as we wound our way out of the mountains.  One of the bridges that we crossed Doug had hauled the beams for it from Egger Steel in Sioux Falls.  We thought it was just a bit of trivia for the day.

When we go to Greybull it was hot and we were on the dry side of the mountains, out on the plains.  From there we headed to Cody WY to restock supplies.  We stopped and took some time on the way to get the horses out of the trailer and unsaddle the 3 that were saddled.  It was hot and the grass was dry.

Cody WY is a tourist and cowboy town, Lots going on and people were very gracious to us.  We needed to dump the sewer tank, refill our water and get rid of all our trash. A store let us dump our trash and gave us ice.  We found a campground that let us dump and refill, but only because we were headed to the Chief Jo.  They knew all about the ride and had Appaloosas.

Heading out of Cody towards Cook City MT. we took Highway 296 it was 62 miles to Cook City.  Doug had never driven this road; Lori and I decided that was pretty amazing in itself.  Amazing turned out to be an understatement.  This road was through beautiful country that climbed into the mountains.  There were miles and miles of switchbacks and we gawked at all the scenery.  Again we were very thankful to have a truck driver at the wheel, and the new truck with the jake break.   The driving was slow going 25 mph average so that 62 miles took hours to do; in fact we never did make it to Cook City.  We found some forest service horse pens at a trailhead and pulled in for the night.  We did not ride today, but the beautiful scenery that we took in was all worth it. Horses or not, if you ever are traveling in this area take 296, take lots of time and have a good vehicle.  You will enjoy the ride.

PS…. I may not have access to internet for the next few days, or possibly the week of the ride.  I will get everything posted though.

Cook City has no internet service and no cell service.  I drove to Silver Gate and found some service.


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4 thoughts on “On The Move

  1. Mary Anne Boyden on said:

    I have been following your blog. Love every word of it. I can’t help but imagine myself with you guys.

  2. Kay Langin on said:

    Hi Loretta just got to catch up on your blog – what a great adventure for Doug, Lori and you. It’s like my old friend Bob Gregg always said about horseback riding – Its leaving a trail on your memory. The pix’s are great. Thank you for sharing even though I’m not there physically I am enjoying the ride with you all. Be safe. Kay Langin

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