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More Heaven



During the night Lori woke up and thought she heard the wind coming up.  The awning had been left open on the trailer, so Doug got up and put it away.  He also checked horses.  Tammie Fae had gotten a front leg over her lead rope.  She was standing with her head pulled down and her front hoof off the ground.  She was not struggling just waiting for someone to come get her out of the mess.

We got up early, cooked coffee and watched our meadow again.  Horses were saddled for our morning ride.  We decided to go through our meadow and work our way to Porcupine Falls.  We could have followed a road that goes behind Camp Heaven, but we decided there was more to see than road riding.  We followed deer trails and old forest service roads and eventually got to the falls.  Doug was riding Visa today, and Tammie Fay was packing.  We were picking our way through a bog when Visa was standing there with her hind leg stretched out and holding it up.  Lori and I rushed to help, as Doug had the pack horse and he was off Visa.  Giving Visa some time she walked off just fine, but she had a cut on her coronet band of her right hind leg.   When she got into the bog she had stepped on herself with the other hind shoe. As she was pulling herself out.   Either the heal or toe calk on her shoe cut her.

Before we left the farrier had put what I refer to as mountain climbing shoes on the horses hooves.  They are a thick, hot set shoe with toe and heal calks grabs on them. They have come in handy every day we have ridden.  They really do well in the variety of terrain that we ride in.

Porcupine Falls was beautiful.  When we got to the parking area there was a hitching rail.  We laughed, thinking it was put there just for us.   We walked out to the rim of the canyon and just gawked at the view.  We could see for miles, and the falls were right below us.

From our falls stop we continued riding towards Bucking Mule Trail Head.  Again we decided not to ride down the road.  We headed down an old forest service trail that we soon figured out it had been a fire line for the Intermission Fire that burned in 1988.  The fire burned 1800 acres.  It was interesting to see all the old growth forest on one side of the trail then the new growth on the other side of it.  The forest fighters had cut trees from the fire side of the line and moved them to the non burn side of the line.  At times our fire line became un-rideable with fallen trees so we would head off into the forest.  It was great bushwhacking, logs, stumps,

rocks, what ever we came to we found a way through or over. With the old forest trees on the floor from the fire, and the new growth it was a great.

We had a great ride and did 8 miles.  Today was one of our harder rides so far and we could feel that on our horses.  They were glad to ride back up our meadow and get to the trailer.

We had moved the electric fence early today so the horses had fresh grass.  For some reason they would not drink out of the streams that we crossed today.  Yesterday they were all good drinkers.  At the back of the trailer is this great old tree trunk that is our blanket and cinch drying rack.  Someone put that there just for our use we all decided.  I rinsed some of the cinches today, as we need to keep them clean and dry for each ride.

Lori had made one of my favorite diners for tonight.  It is a chicken dish that she puts in the crockpot, so we left the trailer with the small generator running to power the 110.  When we got back it was still cooking and the bears had not helped themselves to it.

Lori and I were sitting outside the trailer after dinner when boots, shoes and rugs started fling out the door.  We looked at each other and decided that a cleaning was underway.  The statement was made that someone was tired of getting up and night and walking on a gravel road…… House is now clean!

We are breaking camp early in the morning and going to the Medicine Wheel that is very near here.  Then, we are all excited about riding a ridge that is above the timberline.  The view is spectacular!  We picked out this ridge when we came in to the area.  We are getting low on water again, and we need to get rid of our trash somewhere in none bear area.   We are going to watch our meadow tonight and see who comes to visit us.  Camp Heaven, what a great place!


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