The greatest site in all the land!


Today we got up earlier.  The plan was to break camp and move down the road a few miles.  We saddled horses and loaded them.  That way we had enough room to put everything easily in the trailer.  We drove to an area known as the Old Iron Creek Road.  I was glad we had a truck driver along, as I don’t think I would have attempted to get my trailer in this place, let alone the big trailer we have.  We parked on this old forest service road in an area that had a lot of cattle pastured in it. We put up the line to tie the horses on and hung out some of our wet equipment from yesterdays rain. Then headed out on our ride.  We went down a abandoned canyon road, Old Iron Creek Rd, that originally went from this area to Spearfish Canyon.  The canyon walls were beautiful colors, sometimes with many different layers of rock.  The stream that runs in the canyon bottom goes underground in places.  When it does, it gets really quiet, as no more rushing water making noise.  4 miles later we were at the Spearfish Canyon Road.  We turned around and headed back to where we started.  I was so glad we got to go back through it again, as there was so much to look .  We then took off on a forest service trail in the Beaver Creek area.  This was much easier terrain than we were in yesterday.  We were moving faster today, 5.5 miles per hour as compared to our 3.8 yesterday.   Coming back to camp we took a Forest Service road.  It was all grown over with grass, but we could see where it was. Every 50 to 100 feet there was a berm that had been pushed up across the road.  I learned that this was to keep the water from eroding the soil.  If the Forest Service ever needs to use the road all they do is run a dozer through them and open it up.   We followed it off the mountain we were on and dropped right into camp.  We went a total of 11 miles today.


We put up the electric fence and turned the horses out for grass and used the rest of our water in the barrel.  We hung the rest of our wet saddle blankets and cinches out to dry and had lunch.  Showers and a nap were on the list for us this afternoon.  And that is just what we did. 


It was around 6PM when we loaded up everything and headed out of the Northern Black Hills.  We are now headed to Sheridan Wyoming area and the Big Horns.

Traveling in the evening and at night again. It  is so much better for our horses, and there are 3 of us to drive.  We have to get back to civilization for just a bit to dump the trailer tanks and refill all our water.  Someone, ( Doug) is going to have to get hay from the rack on the top of the trailer. 

So far, all our horses are healthy and sound.  That is a major concern for us as we have many more miles to go.



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  1. Love the pictures and the story!

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