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More Old Baldy

I realized that I had not written anything about our horses.  For some of you this is old information, but for those who don’t know this might help when I talk about them.   All 4 of the horses that are with us are Appaloosas.  L.P is a 13 year old gelding that I own.  He is a great trail horse.  Hopper is Lori’s gelding, who is actually a son of L.P.s when he was a stallion.  Tammy Fae is a 4 year old mare who is a full brother to Hopper.  Doug rides her.   Visa is a mare that is also related to the other 3 horses, she is our packhorse this week.  Next week she will be ridden by a friend of mine who has leased her for the Chief Jo Trail Ride

Wow, did we have a good night sleep, so quiet and peaceful.  That is one of the joys of primitive camping.  The only noise is when we run the generator to recharge the batteries in the trailer.  We woke up to my horse LP loose, eating grass outside the trailer.  One of the mares, Visa, was making a racket, telling us LP had escaped.  He was caught up and we went back to bed.


Doug always gets up early and does horse chores, so our horses were already turned out in the electric fence. He started the coffee and just the smell of it gets Lori and I going.   

It is very foggy today and feels like it is going to rain.  We saddle the horses and head off to on a morning ride.  We were going to ride a trail called Rimrock.  Soon our raincoats were on as a very peaceful rain was falling on us.  The trail was so beautiful, just hard to describe with all the blooming wild flowers, moss on the pine trees and more.  At one of the forks in the trail we took a path that led us into Little Spearfish Canyon. I did not even realize what we were doing, as the scenery was so beautiful and the rain added a peace to it all. I was busy enjoying it all, when Lori, who was in front of me, started to get worried, then I looked where my horse was putting his hooves.  We were literally walking down the side of a mountain on a narrow trail.  I told her to look at Doug’s hat, who was in front of her and throw her reins away so her horse had all his balance.  We all made it down the hill to the canyon floor.  Little Spearfish creek is clear and swift running.  The area that we were in was where the winter scenes from the movie Dances With Wolves were filmed.  With the gentle rain falling and no one else on the trails we felt like we had the place to ourselves.  The trail we were on crossed the creek many times.  We had water crossings, and all kinds of bridges to cross.  One was a very narrow bridge that was more the size of a footbridge.  It was 2 ½ feet wide with a 6×6 on each side of it.  LP led the way and everyone got over it safely.

By the time we got home the rain had let up.   We needed to move our electric fence to new grass.  We were all wet from the grass by the time we got done with that job.   


One thing about it being cooler today and the grass wet is that our water will last longer.  We have a 50 gallon tank in the trailer for horse water and then a 55 gallon barrel in the truck.  Today we had to get into the barrel, as the trailer tank was empty.  On a hot day with 4 horses we would have used the barrel, but not today.


Friends of Doug and Lori came to visit us along with Lori’s daughter and her husband.  Good visiting with everyone and a great dinner tonight.  It is cooler tonight, so another good sleeping night is in order. With the furnace on in the trailer and the horses tucked in on the highline, we all decided that we were not going to shower tonight, we just all went to bed.



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5 thoughts on “More Old Baldy

  1. Leah Benson on said:

    Loretta, thank you so much for sharing your adventures. I really love living vicariously thru you. Love, Leah

  2. Anne Leedom on said:

    Looks like you are having an awesome trip!

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