The greatest site in all the land!

Old Baldy Trail Camp

We finally have made it to our first planed destination.  A trailhead in the northern Black Hills called Old Baldy.  Making camp consisted of putting up our high line and getting our horses off the trailer.  Next was putting up the electric fence so they could eat grass, move about and relax.  It did not take long and the place was ready to live in. We opened the living quarters door only to find all the contents of the refrigerator all over the place.  Seems that I had not shut the door completely on the refrigerator.  Later we also noticed that the refrigerator was not working, but the freezer still was fine.  Long story short, we have to stop at a camper repair somewhere along the way to get it repaired.  Thankfully we had a giant cooler that we could put all the items in.

Everyone but Lori took a 2 hour nap. I was dosing and could here this whap, whap noise; it was Lori going on a fly killing binge.  By the time I got up there were carcasses everywhere.

We took our first ride towards evening.  Horses and people had rested and were ready to go.  Making a 6 mile loop out of camp, we rode to the top of Old Baldy Mt.   The heat of the day was gone and it even threatened some rain by the time we got back to camp.  The peaceful scenery of the northern Hills is relaxing.  I can see why the Indians called the Hills Sacred.

We decided that no one really wanted to cook much, as we were all looking forward to a early nigh, so we ate grilled hot dogs, watered and fed our horses and put them to bed on the high line which is about 30 feet from the trailer. It was time we all had a good nights sleep.  We decided a long time ago that the horses were not going to be left in the electric fence overnight, as deer run through it and our horses are then free to go wherever they want in the national forest. SONY DSCImage


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