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Sunday Aug 26( I think!)

I took the bus to the Uniform distribution Center UDC at 930 am today.  I got my uniform.  They are without question the nicest uniforms that I have ever received at a game.  I actually will wear these clothes after the games.  One of our venue assistants, Fergus, met me there and picked me up so I could go directly to work.  I was monitoring schooling in the covered arena today.  All 78 of our horses are in with 27 countries represented.  So far all the horses looked to have traveled well.  Ireland did the ferry and then a lorrie, as did everyone from western Europe.  Portugal and Espana had to truck to Lisbon then fly, everyone else flew except Great Briton, they had it the easiest, just load up the lorries and drive down the road.  The competition arena was open today for scheduled riding so the horses could get familiar with the surroundings.  The stands seating 23000, are very high on 3 sides of the venue, with the forth side open to the city horizon.  Actually it is quite pretty.

The engineering that went into this project is nothing less than brilliant.  Nothing could be put in the ground, as it all has to be restored back to the original park setting when the games are finished. Everything is built on stilts, over 4000 of them in the entire complex.  The buildings are all temporary and even the stabling is built up.  Just hard to explain, but it all works and nothing gets destroyed.  Even the car park is made of removable rubber like palates and wood planks.

Security is provided by the Royal Military.  The place is very secure.  When Fergus and I got to the Greenwich Park today we had to get out of the car, take everything out and put it through a detector and the military goes over the car.  The boot and the bonnet have to be popped and they have lighted mirrors that they look underneath the car with.  Speaking of cars, it is going to take me a few days before I remember that the front passenger seat is on the left side, and the driver is on the right side!


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  1. I’m really enjoying your descriptions and the pictures…hope you find the time to keep it coming! Feels almost like being there. Good luck with the car! :0

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