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View from the balcony in our flat of the Village

August 25 Saturday

I was met at my plane by a representative that took me to the accreditation desk, got my ID validated, and got my bags, then was passed off to a transportation desk.  I was told to take a train to Paddington station.  I argued with the man a bit, as my information did not say that, but was told this is what I had to do.  By the time I was on the train I knew it was the wrong thing to do, but was so tired I went to Paddington  anyway.  I managed to find a press welcome area and got a ride to the Olympic Village – 4 hours later…. I had missed the bus to the Uniform Distribution Center, so will have to sort that tomorrow. I got an unwanted tour of London, and decided it was just payback for all the crappy things the World Equestrian Games organizers did to the officials in 2010.

I got to my flat in one of the towers at the Village and found my flat mates.  Sandy Rafferty from the US, Sara and Sue from the UK.  The only one I did not know was Sue.  We moved in all like a bunch of college kids and caught up on the latest.  We had to take a bus to Greenwich Park for a meeting, so we all go to see the venue and where we would be working.  It is beautiful and well done.

We had a reception with the grooms tonight.  The grooms for once, have exceptional accommodations, unlike what they had to endure in Kentucky at the World Equestrian Games 2 years ago.  They are living at Devenport, which is a hotel in the Park.  They have only to walk a few feet and they are in the barns.  One of the organizers decided that if the grooms were happy it would improve the entire game experience for all the participants and he stuck to his guns on this.

The Village is fun, busy and noisy all the time, but I have worn out and need to go to bed.   

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