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Saturday and Sunday

Grandpa Doug with Hadley and Cooper

Follow up

Friday evening the band played past 10 pm and into the morning sometime.  Fun was had by all and the kids slept on the dance floor.  We actually got up and ate breakfast when the sun was shining.  We all talked to our new found friends, now old friends, and started the process of loading up and heading home.  It is just amazing how much stuff we have for a week with 3 people and 3 horses.  The laundry has now totally taken over the bathroom.  We outgrew the bag we were putting it in days ago and it is piled up to the vanity sink top now.

We headed north back towards Bozeman MT to have a quick lunch with Kasey and her family.  Hadley and Cooper had a great time with Grandpa Doug.  Grandma Lori had gotten Hadley a necklace as she had lost her first tooth several days before.  From there we pushed on, deciding that we were going to try and get the horses home in one trip, as we really did not want to stop and take the chance of exposing other horses to the flu that ours had been exposed to. The horses ride really comfortably in Doug and Lori’s trailer, so we pressed on. Doug took a nap in the trailer, Lori drove and I navigated from Bozeman to just outside the Indian Reservation. That is 2 lane road and Doug wanted to drive that. The Cheyenne Indian Reservation was on fire again.  There were lots of smoke and miles of fire on the north side of the road. Somewhere in here Lori and I went to the trailer to take a nap.  We woke up when the rig stopped.  I saw a patrolman walk by the window.  Apparently our lights on the trailer were not working.  Doug wiggled the plug and they started working.

We took our next stop in Rapid City SD about 10pm and met Nicole, Lori’s daughter who lives there.  We had a sandwich, watered and fed the horses and headed on. Lori and I went to bed as Doug was still good to drive.  Around Okaton SD he pulled off.  Lori and I started in with Lori driving.  That lasted about 30 miles when she could not keep awake.  I started driving then.  I opened the thermos that was full of camp coffee and could smell George’s coffee.   I drove until the rest area on the west side of Mitchell SD. Doug finished the haul and we got home around 6am Sunday.  We unloaded horses and all went back to sleep.

This was a wonderful trip, one that I will always remember, and one to put on my   calendar for next year when the ApHC rides the next 100 miles of the Nez Perce Trail.


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