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Lori and Hopper in the Madison River      A drink in the Madison River

July 31, 2012

We had a beautiful ride today. Only the die hards showed up to ride the long distance, so when it was all said we decided to ride a different trail. We wondered around the divide area, watered the horses in the Madison River, and did some bush whacking. When you go bush whacking, you basically make your own way to an area by not using any trail. You just head in the direction you want and get there. We wondered around trees and over lots of rocks and deadfall. Visa left her show(the same one that she has had trouble with) in the brush somewhere. A new shiny toy for some chipmunk to enjoy. She had to go back to the farrier again. She now has 4 sets of nail holes in that hoof and a little glue. We got back to camp and decided we needed to do the laundry. I volunteered to go do that at the laundry mat. Clean clothes are just a plus, so we do not have to put on our cleanest dirty clothes tomorrow. Each night at camp they have some kind of program. One night a park ranger from West Yellowstone came and talked. She told great tales. One that was a good laugh was she had been helping a pack outfitter last week collect belonging after an elk ran through his pack string and scattered all the horses and mules that were packed up. Can you imagine all the stuff that he must have been looking for. We had great news from the ride Veterinarian. We have had no new cases of the crud that we have, so the MT and WY state vets gave us the go ahead to ride in the park. Our bio security has worked well and we are all doing well. When we got that news it was after dinner when we have a nightly program of some kind. It was late evening and we all had a lot of work to do so we could be ready to load at 530am in the morning. Lori, Doug and I got to work and got everything ready. Things like our packs replenished, feed and water set out for the morning, the coggins paper work that we need to have on us in the park was taken out of the re safe keeping log book, raincoats retied to our pack. You name it we had it ready to go. It was early to bed for all of us. We cleaned up and went to bed listening to the band play. We were all really wound up. I will try and get some more pictures posted when I am not arguing with the blog system. On to the Park tomorrow.


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One thought on “Tuesday

  1. sure be glad when you get home. miss talking to you. lots of big things going on. jude bought and got rid of a horse, kay is getting rid of her horse, bellas mare had a buckskin filly on mon. cinda is thinking of getting rid of her horses and getting one she can ride, judge choked last night…… just a few of the things that are going on since you left.

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