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Monday’s ride

July 30, 2012

Well after our rather shaky morning, we left camp at 8am.  The day warmed up as we went along, so I kept taking off layers of clothes.  I had more things tied on my horse than I even want to admit.  L.P. was a great ride all day.  We went 16 miles today and rode up a hill that looked over the West Yellowstone Valley.  At our morning break we were serenaded by a rider,  Randy with his harmonica.  There is just all kinds of people on this ride.  Later in the afternoon some young Nez Perce girls rode with us.  Some of their ancestors were on Chief Joseph’s ride.  There were over 100 riders today and we all did great.  Our photographers horse coliced so he had to be taken down the hill from a point that we could get a trailer to him.  The vet, farrier, and doctor all ride along with us.  All the supplies are in panniers on a spotted pack mule that is so cute. I will try and get a picture of him.  Late in the afternoon the vet’s horse passed us up.  The vet was off of him and he got loose.  No harm done just a good story.

When we got back to camp the Montana brand inspectors were here, so we had to present our paperwork.  The state vet had cultures done on the sick horses in camp and they were sent to Colorado State University.  We should have the results tomorrow.  So far no new ill horses and the isolation has worked for now.  Our camp is in Montana, but the places in the park where we were planning to ride are in Wyoming, so the ride vet has to work with both of the state vets.  Everyone has been very helpful and things really have been good.  There are plenty of places to ride outside the park, lots of scenery to enjoy so we don’t lack for riding real estate.

Tomorrow we are going 28 miles, and will cross the continental divide.  Early start, but not as early as today.  Doug will get up at 430 to feed, our breakfast is at 5 and we ride at 7am.


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