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We had a great meal Sunday evening, our first that is provided by the ride.  We had several meetings to get ride information.  The group is divided up into small groups of 25 and each day the groups haul out to trail heads in Yellowstone Park.  Only small trailers without living quarters in them will go into the park, because the trail heads have very little space in them to pull off the road.  That means our “house” will not have to move each day. We have to be ready to load up at 530 am and leave at 545.  This means that we have to get to bed early as someone has to get up at 330 and start feeding horses.  The people breakfast starts around 4am.

The evening was relaxing with a great band playing.  We got ready for bed and listened to the music until it stopped at 10pm. It is going to be an early morning, so early to bed.

With layers of clothes on I ventured out into the still starry sky to get my coffee. I could see my breath it was so cold out.  We brought the horses to the trailer area and started to get them saddled.  I had ahold of Visa and L.P. Something in the dark startled Visa and we about had a wreck with me trying to get out of the way.  It was just a reminder that I can’t move as fast as I used to.  We were ready to walk to the hauling area when a scout told us not to go.  That we were not hauling out, as there were problems and to come to a meeting at 6am.

Long story short is that we have some horse illness in the camp and it has spread to a few horses.  Those horses have been isolated, but they are not sure at this time what it is.  The MT state vet will be here soon to do diagnostics.  They don’t think it is anything too serious, just contagious.  So with that information everyone with well horses will be riding outside the park today.  We are headed out of camp at 830am.


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