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A relaxing day

July 29, 2012

Camp is really on the old airstrip.  Everyone is just parked around the strip, in the trees along the edge and anywhere you want to set up.  The horses are on a picket line that was set up before we got here.

 I have met many of Doug and Lori’s friends already.  My Casper WY friends will get here today sometime.  Camp is starting to develop, by the hour now.  The dance floor got put together, the water tanks have arrived along with the toilets.  The food truck is here. Until now everyone here has had to provide water and facilities for them and the horses.  Good thing we filled up all the tanks and even have a barrel of water with us.  As usual when horse people go camping, the stud stall in the trailer has become our utility shed/feed room. 

Visa managed to bend the shoe that Doug put on yesterday, so she is headed to the farrier at 2pm to get that fixed.  The horses did really well on the picket line last night. 

We got the horses inspected, checked in at the trail office and are going go for a ride later after Visa gets her shoe fixed.  Looking at the horses, all Appaloosas, I realize the vast variation of colors and patterns that the gene pool has.  Wow, lots of color, spots and roan patterns. It is totally different when you get more than 2 or 3 of them in the same place. 

Yesterday when Doug went to unhook the trailer the hydraulic jack was spewing fluid so he quickly backed the truck up and re hooked while the jack still worked.  This morning he took it apart and found the problem and was able to fix it. He also had to do one of those Y chromosome things and see if the generator would run the air conditioner.  Well, it blew out the fuses in the trailer, so he has to find some 1 amp fuses, right now 10 amp ones are in it.  Lori and I just shook our heads and went on.


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One thought on “A relaxing day

  1. Leah Benson on said:

    Thanks for sharing Loretta, always good to hear from you! Leah

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