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July 27, 2012

We got the needed brand inspection done at the sale barn, filled up our coffee cups and headed on towards Billings MT. Driving through the Cheyenne Indian Reservation there had been a fire that went for many miles

The horses relaxing at Kasey’s

sometime in the past year.  The ground was still black from it. We drove by Custer’s Last Stand.  The countryside is very dry but still beautiful.

We drove to Doug’s daughter Kasey’s home near Three Forks MT for our stay for the night.  The head of the Missouri River is very near Three Forks. We had a wonderful time with Kasey and her family.  They have 2 girls Hadley and Cooper.   The horses were really glad to get off the trailer and get turned out.  We have 2 gelding with us, L.P. and Hopper, and 1 mare, Visa.  Lori and I noticed that Visa had taken off a front shoe in our travels.  We dug in the bedding in the trailer but did not find it. We are guessing that she left it at the rodeo grounds in Wall.  Doug brought his shoeing box along, so will have to do a little work in the morning.


Kasey and Doug cooked a great meal, and we all enjoyed it.  We all were tired and bed looked really good.  Hadley wanted to sleep with us in the trailer, so all 4 of us went to bed.   We traveled over 947 miles so far since we left home 24 hours ago.


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